Testimonials from our users

We are fortunate to be supported by many highly appreciative customers, who over the years have been very vocal in their appreciation of the product and our service.

We thank them for their words, and their continued support.



“The main reason for choosing Moviestorm is its simplicity. In five minutes you can have walking, talking characters in a great set. If you take your time you can create an animated video that has a professional feel without the professional fees.”

Priscilla Angelique, Recording artist/Songwriter/Music Producer/Academic


"The beauty of using Moviestorm as a form of animation is its simplicity and ease of use."


"Before we discovered the power and flexibility of Moviestorm we were in 'render hell' with an ever increasing overdraft and immense frustration."

Jezz Wright, Blockhouse TV

Thanks to Moviestorm, I was able to reproduce the images in my mind, which are impossible to explain in a script, and thus have a quite accurate representation of the movie that other people can see.”

Eduardo Soto-Falcon, Director-Producer/Writer/Editor, Citizen Falcon


"This could totally change my business."

Cap, Internet TV producer

"Moviestorm saves money on your budget. You don't need to buy your actors lunch."

Michael Cornetto, Animator/Director/Producer/Screenwriter


"We just wouldn't go anywhere else now. As Moviestorm develops - so do we."

Graham Jones, Lead Animator, Blockhouse TV


"Moviestorm, in my opinion, is without doubt the best for price. To have a programme to learn from which contains many, many, addons, is absolutely superb! It can be used for short films, features, learning tools, ads, music videos, trailers, the list goes on."

Dean Wells, Scriptwriter, The Screenwriters Cove


“It’s all about finding the right tools for the job,” he says. “Moviestorm is great for storyboards, even if you don’t use it in the film."

DL Watson, Independent Film Maker


"It's a great tool, and independent filmmakers especially can realize films that would be difficult to do with real equipment. And Moviestorm is not just an application. It's a unique community of people always willing to help each other. I've found so many new friends from all over the world in less than two months. That's truly amazing!"

Arthur V Kuhrmeier (ArthurVKuhrmeier)


"I'm living in Africa and just found moviestorm. I didn't even know that that kind of software could exist...I'm reading your filmmaking books and they are wonderful. We need that kind of software here in Africa, especially my country D.R.Congo. We can change many many things with a your software. Merci beaucoup"

Marcel N'sasi


"If it were not for Moviestorm, I would not be where I am today with film making.”

Lucinda McNary (lucindamc123)


“I've been investigating a lot of animation platforms over the past two months and, so far, Moviestorm has become the best of the bunch, providing the most value for the least amount of money. Over the course of about six hours, I was able to learn the Moviestorm interface and put together a simple two-and-a-half minute movie.”

“The best thing about @moviestorm is the ability to go from concept to completion in 6 hrs with no special knowledge required”



"Easy to use, productive and with a very effective interface."

Loris Rizzo


"For engaging, dialogue-driven drama, Moviestorm is difficult to beat."

Sherwin Liu (chatnoirstudios)


“Amazing! Love it!”



“It consumes you and makes you want to make movies for no reason.”



“I love this program - I can't stop using it now!”



“This is awesome - it looks like The Sims but even cooler.”



“I like Moviestorm because of the diversity in characters and natural movement, as well as the camera work.”



"For making machinima, using Moviestorm is better than using a game."


"It's just got a whole lot easier to be a film maker."

Scott Hather


“You only pay for what you use, so there's no need to worry about high and big up-front cost.”



“A great tool for budding film makers and film students.”



“ It’s nice to be able to rough up a mock scene of what I want to shoot before I shoot it.”



“Have a little fun making movies in your downtime when you are not writing movies.”

The Screenwriting Mofo


“It’s like being on a real movie set.”

Lisa Aybike Kir


“Movie-making couldn't be easier.”

Wendy Presseisen


“Thanks to Moviestorm I am able to create great movies so easily. It`s fast, intuitive and very easy to use.”



"Moviestorm's step by step process makes movie making easy, exciting and addicting!"


"Out of all the movie making programs I’ve used, Moviestorm is the one I would highly recommend!"

Mefune Akira


“My movie making software of choice!”

Roger Strange-Burlong


"Moviestorm gives me the opportunity to make the movies I've been wanting to make for a long time but was let down by other engines."

Damien Valentine (Darth Angelus)


“Moviestorm is user friendly enough for grade school students, but with graphics and customizable tools that appeal to professional users. In hours you could create anything from a music video to a film treatment with a wallet friendly budget. Although I have used other software Moviestorm is by far my favorite software for movie making on the market.”

Shirley Martin


“For a reasonable budget, it gives my PC a whole new dimension in story-telling I never thought possible! It’s fun, too!”

Mark Fulcher


"See your ideas take shape."


"The Moviestorm community is so friendly and helpful."


"The gesture system is an outstanding feature."


"I love how the cutting room updates when you tweak something within a scene."


"New features are added all the time."


"Staff are very approachable, not one of those anonymous software houses."


"I keep finding new features."


"You get the feeling that both the staff, and the community celebrate when someone uses their program well."


"There's a huge range of output possible, from silly sketches to serious drama."

Kate Fosk (kkffoo)


"Moviestorm is the quickest way from script to screen for anyone who wants to try their hand at movie making."


"It's for everyone who ever watched a movie and was inspired to have a go themselves, especially if they're not a trained film director - it's basically Hollywood at home."


"I like telling stories, and with Moviestorm I can make sure that my audience sees my story the way I intended it to be."


"As a movie making tool, Moviestorm is complete. It's also a doddle to use, and the more I use it the more powerful it seems to be."


"It's more fun than gaming, more productive than social networking, and more satisfying than watching TV."


"Two years ago, I'd never so much as made a movie. Now I've seen my creations shown on the big screen, all around the world, and audiences genuinely appreciate what I do in Moviestorm."


"It's easy to use, but it does this without sacrificing capability."


"When I'm using Moviestorm I'm concentrating on telling my story, not figuring out how to hack into the software."

Iain Friar (iceaxe)


"The workflow follows the stages of film production, making it logical and easier to grasp than more abstract alternative tools."


"Helps you develop from absolute beginner to proficient director."

Lucy Georges


"Some of the best short movies I have seen, have been made with Moviestorm."


"Moviestorm is so versatile and with every new update is becoming more and more powerful."


"I love Moviestorm and the dedicated team working to make it better."

David Williams


"Moviestorm represents a new form of art, and the good news is that it can be used by everyone and everyone can afford it."

Alutt, The Movies France


“Moviestorm is really fun and enjoyable to do! I spend most of my day making movies with Moviestorm."


“Moviestorm is the best thing I have ever used, It does have its limitations, but almost everything does! I will use Moviestorm for a long time.”

Jake Coffey


"Moviestorm is both ambitious and versatile, allowing your imagination to become reality."


"Its intuitive and powerful interface is a dream come true for movie makers."


"I've used other programs, and nothing ever came close to the ease of use, power, and versatility of Moviestorm...forget about the rest!"


"I love that I can come up with an idea and instantly start work on it... Moviestorm inspires creativity."


"So easy to use, even I can make great movies with it!"

Sean Heimbuch


“Moviestorm is simply brilliant. I'd never created an animated short before and I'm a novice as far as video editing is concerned, yet the software enabled me to express my ideas quickly and with a professional result. Creatively ... I feel like I can breathe at last.“

Priscilla Angelique


"Moviestorm gives me all the tools I need to make my imagination real."


"Moviestorm saves money on your budget. You don't need to buy your actors lunch."

Michael Cornetto


“In another vein of thought, I have been in contact with Moviestorm's Customer Service 2x in the last 12 hours and they answer my questions in 5 minutes. Xtranormal was once that way.”



“Supportive, friendly and speedy community support both from Moviestorm Users and Moviestorm Staff.”



“I can produce quality animation with Moviestorm faster than I can with any other platform, and I've tried them all!"

Phil Rice (Overman


(creator of Male Restroom Etiquette, the world’s most popular machinima film)


“Imagination plus Moviestorm equals great movies.”


“Moviestorm is like ABC. Make your set. Add actors, dialogue and action. You're done.”


“The beauty of Moviestorm is that it is the fastest, easiest (most intuitive) way to make great movies.”


“I discovered I'd got an imagination about the same time I discovered Moviestorm.”


“Moviestorm is quite honestly the second most fun you can have by yourself or with friends.”


“Got a great idea for that romantic, sci-fi, horror, comedy movie? Make it real with Moviestorm.”


“Great ideas, low budget? Moviestorm is the way to go.”


“No Moviestorm director has got an Oscar yet. Be the first.”

Paul Carr (Kibishipaul)


“Moviestorm is perfect! The ease of use and number of sets readily available to me puts everything I need right at my fingertips.”

Anne Depres


“Moviestorm is a very easy and enjoyable application to work with.”

Victor Rodriguez


“I found Moviestorm about a year ago, in June. A Moviestorm user recommended me. At the time, users could get 300 points for referral. He wanted to earn a few points. I saw it and fell in love with the software.”


“From the first moment I first used the program, I knew I wanted to do a feature length movie.”

Georgine Louvelle


“You people rock! You really, really do. When this thing is officially released, I think it's going to explode :)”


“OK, played with the dressing room and making new characters, and I absolutely LOVE it! Very versatile and lots of great features!”



“Just reading through the release notes is making me drool, I better get a bib for the main event...”



“the face morphing is amazing!!! ... Oh, and the make-up and other face related color variations are sooooooo fantastic ... I feel like a child at Christmas”



“You guys totally outdid yourselves with this update. This is truly the kind of thing many of us have been waiting for. I'm so happy I could cry.”



“ It is, as the youngsters say, sweet.”



“looooooooooooooooooooooooooove it! This is the best thing ever.”



“Wow! I'm loving this. The possibilities for character design are just awesome. The morphs are super powerful and give a huge range of looks to characters.”


"Dex joins the cheering crowd. Y'all are amazingly responsive, and I've been extremely pleased how much you work to make sure that everyone is taken care of. I've said this before, and it bears repeating: I really appreciate and value that you support the Mac with this software. All too often we (the Mac community) are left aside for this sort of hobby/pro software, and I'm very glad that you're keeping us in the fold."



“Great work, Moviestorm! Thanks for listening to the users and thanks for the updates. Simply awesome!”



“This software is amazing! I can do the movies that lives only in my head with a few clicks! I LOVE IT! I FEEL BETTER NOW! MY LIFE HAS A SENSE NOW! This is a great gift to the world! I'm totally in love with you, guys! Thank you! (Cheers from Italy!)”

Daniele Salzarulo


“MS has proved to be more of an addiction than an application”


"I just wanted to add my voice to this one too. I've had very few problems, but those I've had have been addressed extremely quickly. Weirdly enough, I'm so impressed by Moviestorm's support procedures that I'll even read posts on the forum about problems that I don't actually have sometimes, just to see it in action. I think it must pander to the geeky/logic bit of my brain watching the potential causes of an issue being eliminated one by one until the culprit is found. I'll be reading motherboard manuals for fun next. Oh, wait... too late...



“you do a great job and makes us feel important and seen. The support you provides is outstanding. Thank you for doing what you do when you do it”



"You guys handle your business to say the least! I am an enthusiastic subscriber, I'm 22,000 MS points in and it amazes me I still have so much to buy (not counting the music)"



"I love your program and I'm so glad I found it. 

Thank you for making it POSSIBLE for me and so many others to actually create, produce, edit and SHOW a variety of different animation ideas. 

Thank you.. Thank you. Thank you."



“It allows any one to become a movie producer.”



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Testimonials from teachers and students, from all academic sectors, throughout the world


"With the increasing emphasis of students being media literate and being prepared for today’s knowledge economy it is essential that students of all ages engage with industry standard tools to be able to understand and create resources of the highest quality. This is where Moviestorm really stands head and shoulders above the competition."

Adrian Hall, former Programme Director, DFES


"Fantastic sets! Best of all you can post any content you create unencumbered by copyright. They have a comprehensive pricing plan that allows you to actually rent sets & props for the period you need them."

Tom Benjamin PhD, Educational Researcher, Sydney


“I see this as having great potential in multiple sectors: education, business, or politics - imagine using it to educate constituents about issues. Really any area that you need to share complex information."

Jamie Billingham, Community Health Educator, British Columbia 



 “We have sent pupils to help at the E2bn conference several times and this year the pupils who went were most impressed with your product. They returned to school with their films they had made and were proud to show their fellow pupils.

I noticed that one of our pupils who is extremely reserved but who helped at the conference became very enthusiastic and animated when using your product and showing her classmates. It was a revelation watching her.”

Alison Leaver, Spaldwick Primary School, UK



"Moviestorm is an exciting alternative to existing animation software that is currently available. It's intuitive interface, richly textured environments and characters plus its fully functional directorial suite makes it an impressive tool for planning, directing and editing animated movies. My students are already discovering new ways to utilise Moviestorm for class assigments, choosing this over other presentation styles. Who wouldn't want a fully made animated movie to communicate your understanding on a given subject? The tutorial support provided is a neat addition to an already impressive package."

Steven Caldwell, MLC School, NSW, Australia


“I have found that the students are motivated not only by the movie lessons themselves but how the animations are made.”

Paul Carr, English Teacher, Japan


"I have a way to do 2 years of upcoming coursework that would otherwise have been completely tedious."

Charlie Stone (chadaproduction



“Some of my students are now working their lunch breaks because they're so inspired!”


"My Level 2 student's work got moderated yesterday and their Moviestorm projects took all the plaudits. The moderator got very excited about Moviestorm, and all this resulted in helping most of my students get distinctions for their overall coursework."

Steve Thorne, Long Road Sixth Form College, Cambridge


“The biggest challenge with using animation is the huge range of possibilities – there are literally hundreds of ways you can use something like Moviestorm in teaching so its a matter of pinning down the best ones”


“Its a great way of encouraging kids who are new to music to switch on their creativity. A film gives kids a canvas onto which they can ‘paint’ sound and that gives them confidence to write music in a way that they might not have done if they were faced with a blank page”.


“I created a video where a character was presenting the topic in front of relevant images and played that to the classroom. I could just as easily have done that in real life but somehow being on film meant that the content engaged the kids completely in a way that a simple classroom presentation couldn’t have done. A handy practical side effect is that it fixes the amount of time that the presentation will take – knowing that the video will use exactly 10 minutes means that I can plan the rest of the lesson more accurately.”

John West, Faringdon College



"It's animation, but you don't have to be an animator. It's about learning to tell stories and learning traditional film techniques. My class includes cinematographers, editors, writers, and video producers. They're learning about their own role in film production, but they're also learning to see the bigger picture and understand what everyone else does."


"The more I play with it, the more ways I can see to use it, and the more places I realise it would fit with what I'm teaching."


"There was a lot of skepticism at first when I proposed using Moviestorm to teach film, but the students who are already using it are really happy with it, and now I have more students wanting to get into this class than I can handle."


"This provides students with a great opportunity to write, direct and create films they couldn't normally do on a student budget. My class includes cinematographers, editors, writers, and video producers. They're learning about their own role in film production, but they're also learning to see the bigger picture and understand what everyone else does."

James Martin, University of North Texas


"The software seemed perfect for what I was trying to do: give students reasonably intuitive, easy-to-use, software that would let them make machinima."


"The interface is designed as metaphor for the film production process, so students can quickly get to grips with the overall process and readily get the hang of switching between different modes or views."


"This should ensure they are really well prepared to select the tool chain and techniques needed to undertake their final year work."

Eddie Duggan, Senior Teaching Practitioner, University Campus Suffolk


"Students find it irreplaceable: it saves them hours of pre-production work and truly helps them prepare their games more effectively."


"If you're teaching a course like mine, just play with it for an hour. The amount of applications you can use this software for will become evident to you quite quickly."

John Bowditch, Course Leader, GRID Lab, University of Ohio


"Moviestorm's a versatile piece of software and a valuable addition to the game designers tool-kit."

Philip Jackson, Course Leader, BA (hons) in Computer Games Design, University Campus Suffolk


"I can see it's one of those pieces of software where you go yeah, yeah, yeah, then when you've used it, you wonder how you ever lived without it."

Film student, Full Sail University


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Testimonials from business users, from SMEs to corporates


"It [sic] has proven to be a very compelling form of communication"

David Christopher, Oracle EMEA


"We wanted to create a communications video that was different! One that would 'stand out from the crowd' of normal corporate communications and really get the message across. In our case this was about the benefits of using social media to enable collaboration. The video has really caught people's attention and helped get the message across."

Graeme Mackay, Head of Knowledge Management UK&I, FUJITSU 


"We chose Moviestorm as it was the only way of achieving our objectives at the budgets we wanted while still achieving the sense of realism and control over the finished article that was critical for the videos to be effective."

"Moviestorm allows you to achieve an objective which you thought would be prohibitively expensive while only using 3-4 days of your time from a zero experience starting position to achieve it." 

Chris Mitchell, CEO, Audio Analytic


"[Moviestorm] means it’s now cost-effective to create custom videos for every pitch. I can re-use a lot of the material I already have, and just tweak it as I need. I can more or less change things in real time if necessary.” 

Philip Morley, Owner, Think Industries


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Computer Active - 4/5 stars

Verdict: Full of possibilities, Moviestorm will delight would-be movie makers but it’s not always easy to use

Good points: Genuinely powerful movie-making capabilities; great for film students and film buffs; surprisingly effective results; lively online community of fellow movie makers

Bad points: Subscription/points charging structure is complicated; steep learning curve

The results, being entirely computer-generated, are visually similar to what you would see in the virtual world of Second Life or the popular gameThe Sims.
That doesn’t mean, however, that Moviestorm isn’t capable of delivering dynamic, entertaining short movies – far from it – and once you have become comfortable with the interface, you will appreciate just how far it lets you stretch your creative wings.

We were impressed with the depth of Moviestorm. It’s by no means the easiest program to use but it allows any enthusiastic movie maker with a home PC to produce rich, atmospheric stories and then share them with friends


IT Reviews

Software reviews > Graphics package and video editor reviews > Moviestorm Moviestorm 1.4 make Machinima-style movies on your PC

Ever come out of the cinema thinking, "Hah, I could do better than that!" safe in the knowledge that you'll never actually have to prove it? Tough, because now's your chance to find out whether there was anything behind all that bravado.

Moviestorm is an animation program that lets you create movies with three dimensional characters, scenes, dialogue, camera angles, lighting, incidental music and then save the result as a movie file that anyone can watch on their PC. The result is like a cross between Second Life and the Sims, except you're behind the wheel.

Moviestorm lets you create sets from scratch and then populate them with characters. You can then control how they interact with each other and their environment. From the outset, Moviestorm characters know how to do certain things: they can walk in different ways (from a tired slouch to a flat-out run); they know how to sit down, open doors and talk to other characters; you can make them switch on lights, eat breakfast, take a shower or run away from zombies and aliens (yes, there are plenty of add-on packs including Horror and Sci-Fi).

In fact, the degree of control you can exert over a Moviestorm movie is remarkable (from set decorations to light sources) but we'd highlight the 'head designer' where you can use sliders to change every aspect of someone's face (including skin tone and make-up) and which, within the limitations of the graphics engine, allows you to populate your film with real individuals, rather than mere ciphers.

This is complicated stuff so to begin with, rather than creating everything from scratch, it's a good idea to use one of the theme packs. Then, should you become enthused by the program, you can always go back and dress the set and the characters yourself later on. If you've ever played the Sims, you'll have a head start with Moviestorm because many of the control mechanisms are the same, but remember that having blocked out the action you then have to film and then edit it which introduces entirely new - and fascinating - levels of complexity.

The software's free to download but you pay a subscription fee which entitles you to a number of points (the higher the fee the more points you accrue) which are used to purchase packs of content including things like extra characters, exteriors, interiors, music and sound clips, and themed packs (think cartoons, holidays, criminals, and - inevitably - adult).

What's not to like? We had one or two problems downloading content which turned out to be server errors (but weren't flagged anywhere as such) and there's the occasional graphics-related glitch where a character's arm will do something impossible or the horizon's not quite right, but apart from that, with a reasonably stout modern PC you shouldn't encounter any problems.

There's no doubt that Moviestorm has a steepish learning curve as you get to grips with the differences between things like the director's view and the camera's view, but overall this is a triumph. It's perhaps not a fully fledged one yet, but Moviestorm is well on the way, and for the serious budding movie maker, or anyone who's interested in how films are put together, it's hard to beat. 

Verdict: Moviestorm is a complete movie making program that lets you create characters and sets, that can be dressed and lit with remarkable detail. You can block out scenes, action and dialogue and then 'film' them, via the director's view, adding actual voice dialogue, sound effects, titles and a musical soundtrack before uploading the finished results to Moviestorm or YouTube. You'll need some determination (and a story to tell) but for enthusiasts - or even 'proper' budding film makers - this is an exciting, if still occasionally hicuppy, piece of software.


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