Bespoke art and film production services

Film production service

Not interested in making movies with Moviestorm yourself? If so, we offer a bespoke video production service. 

We can create finished movies at a fraction of the cost of most video production, and can offer a world of solutions that would normally be logistically or financially impractical.

You do not need to shut down streets to have a car chase. You do not need to pay for actors, costumes, make-up, equipment hire or anything else. We provide the whole production service, from animated storyboards through to post-production.

As experts in the creation of animated movies, and in possession of a complete knowledge of the Moviestorm tool and how it integrates with other software, as well as having the capability to create bespoke assets for inclusion in any project, we believe we can provide you with highly original and exceptionally low cost video creation.

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Art Production Service

Need some art or animation content for your movie, but cannot find it? If so, we offer a bespoke art production service.

Whether you require a specific character, a prop, an interactive prop, an animation or anything else, we can create it for you, thereby guarenteeing that it works seemlessly with our software.

Our knowledge of our software and our access to suitable 3d artists puts us in an unbeatable position to support your needs, quickly and efficiently.


Contact  |  +44 (0) 7031 989282

Solutions for filmmakers

If you are a creative professional interested in us assisting with pre-visualising a planned video shoot, creating a polished animated version of a script to enhance your pitch, or anything else, contact us.

If you are a creative professional wanting to pre-vis or pitch an idea that critically involves characters, scenes or action that cannot be acheived with the current range of Moviestorm content or available mods, contact us.


Dracular Spectacular

Developed in partnership with the client, this opening scene was developed to assist with pitching to TV companies.

“The guys at Moviestorm are creative professionals who understood my vision in bringing Dracula Spectacular to life. Collaborating with them was fun and engaging with the final result having exceeded my expectations”

Amrit Sonya Bains – Screenwriter


Working in Lowbury

This art documentary entitled 'Working in Lowbury', was created for Aidan Prior to show at an arts conference in Barcelona in 2012, to illustrate how the global financial crisis is affecting European youth.

Music is scored and performed by John Hegley, from the poem "To the Virgins, to Make Much of Time" by Robert Herrick (1591 – 1674)



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Solutions for business

If you are a business interested in an original advertisment for your service or product, an internal communication that will get noticed, a training video, or anything else, contact us.

If you are a business wanting to feature your premises or your product in a movie, or want to make a training movie that requires specific animations, contact us.


Oracle - Promoting corporate Web 2.0 solutions internally

Created for Oracle to internally communicate their Web2.0 solutions. Speech bubbles were added so it could be played silently in foyers.

"It [sic] has proven to be a very compelling form of communication"

David Christopher, Oracle EMEA


Mediacom - Client communications

Watch a movie created by us for Mediacom to promote their Volkswagen Global Innovation Conference




Think Industries - Global pitching

Watch a movie created by us for Think Industries to promote their business.

“[Moviestorm is] more effective than storyboards, but it’s much cheaper than shooting video. You can afford to make mistakes and you can afford to try out a lot of different things. It gives me more creative freedom, it gives the client more options, and it helps us all to plan what we’re doing.” 

Philip Morley, Think Industries

Read the Think Industries case study



Fujitsu - Promoting their internal social networks

Created for Fujitsu, this story-driven film promotes the advantages of utilising their internal social networks for business success

"We worked with Moviestorm because we wanted to create a communications video that was different! One that would 'stand out from the crowd' of normal corporate communications and really get the message across. In our case this was about the benefits of using social media to enable collaboration. The video has really caught people's attention and helped get the message across."

Graeme Mackay, Head of knowledge management, Fujitsu


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